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Compared to labour costs in Western countries, labour costs in China are low. Raw material prices in China are comparable, but not the same, to the price setting on the world market. The labour costs are a much lower part of the product price in China than in Western countries, so that makes it even more important to know the raw material price in China. For any company, interested in outsourcing, manufacturing, purchase and sales in China, raw material price information is important. Any fluctuation will have a serious impact on product costs price. You can find here the raw material price development of stainless steel, galvanized steel, copper, zinc, Q235, Q345, 304, PP, ABS etc.

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The raw material price information is not available from the 26th of September to the 2nd of October due to a system update. We apologize for the inconvenience. We will continue to provide free raw material price updates. When you are interested to meet us, please visit the Chillventa 2012 exhibition in Germany

The business of J&Y is not delivering raw materials to foreign customers. It is not our kind of business. We do supply raw material, but only in limited quantities, to fill containers. However, we do coordinate with our suppliers to buy raw materials together to be able to buy a larger volume and get a better price. For our customers, we consider it very important to be open about raw material pricing. If there are any raw materials for which you would like to receive regular updates, please contact us.

We provide free information for visitors of the website and customers of J&Y. On many sites, information about the material price in China is offered, however, usually it is a paid service. For J&Y providing the raw material price in China is a part of our service. We collect this information anyway, and there is no reason that we should not disclose the information. The use for ourselves to always have a competitive price available, and it will allow us to quote our customers for repeat orders even without discussing it with our suppliers. When J&Y accepts order, we place orders for raw materials ourselves. We have over 75 suppliers, and our purchase quantity is higher than for each individual supplier. The raw material price in China information is daily updated, and we take advantage of our position as local purchase and manufacturing company in China. The information is directly obtained from the suppliers of the raw materials, best price is used in the overview. Information in tables is forwarded to our customers.