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Outsourcing special product purchase and manufacturing in China

In certain business, J&Y service excels most. We actively look for talented engineers and purchasers within our special product groups. Employees who understand about quality, manufacturing, international import and export requests. These product groups have not been Special product created at random or opportunity, but are chosen because it will create a substantial knowledge base for materials, manufacturing processes and certification for us. Special product purchase and manufacturing is our choice of service. Our main areas are refrigerating (cooling), automotive, shipbuilding and energy. Our service ranges to supply chain management, designing and developing special products, make it ready for direct use by our customers. Small batch orders are very well possible. Think about a special design shop display system, only used for 1 shop.

Advantages of manufacturing in China

Since we deal with many suppliers, we are able to coordinate purchase activities, allow manufacturing expertise to be available to all qualified suppliers and so improve the quality standard and costs level reduction of all connected manufacturing companies. Supplying small quantity batches is usually no problem.

To make this work, we train our employees well, to learn to share and teach, which is not a common characteristic of Chinese employees. Share expertise with colleagues and business partners is essential. We improve our technical skills and maintain our advantage to deliver good quality product with a very competitive price

When special is no longer special when outsourcing in China

For our customers abroad, their products are special to them, and, especially in the beginning, many products have special applications, special manufacturing processes and special secrets to make it just right. The expertise of our customers is essential for us. Only when we know all in-and-outs, we are able to deliver the highest quality. We request technical information, information about the application of the product. We make samples, learn and make a sample which is as it is supposed to be. With the special secret taken away, manufacturing the item will become normal. That is, only when special care is taken that all goes according plan. We are actively involved in innovation processes in our supplier factories.
We have to earn the trust of our customers with every new customer, with every new product. We can never take it easy and we certainly never trust in the saying:” last time it went fine, so this time we can relax”

Visit our customers to discuss sourcing in China.

We initiate to visit our customers, meet the people we usually only know by e-mail and phone. Learn from their quality system and manufacturing processes. Adapt more to the specific requirement when it comes to packing and logistics.
For this, we regularly travel to the America’s, Europe, and soon (2011) to Africa.