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Automotive car parts from China

Ordered by German car part suppliers, J&Y arranged auditing for Chinese suppliers, implemented manufacturing process improvements and established supply chain management. Automotive car parts from China can be of good quality.

Automotive in China quality standards

The Chinese automotive industry is, under impulse of the foreign automotive industry, improving rapidly. Joint ventures between Chinese and foreign car manufactures have established rapid growth in automotive knowledge in China, and at the same time the supplying industry has professionalized. Although the Chinese car industry still has a long way to go before western standards are met, it is very well possible to buy car parts in China for use abroad. The large car makers do it, so it is definitely a good idea to shop around in China, looking for the right suppliers and expertise. J&Y has the expertise to check certifications, manufacturing processes, end products and shipment. We assist with engineering expertise, contract assistance and quality inspections. The automotive industry in China can supply in a professional way to the automotive industry abroad.

J&Y has been involved in car part manufacturing for more than 5 years already; our customers are companies supplying replacement and enhancement car parts, and also the car manufacturers themselves. We have an established track record for supplying error free automotive parts exactly according the customer specifications. We accompany our customers when they are in China, assisting with engineering and translating services. Our customers keep using our services because we make doing business in China feel like doing business next door.

Product summary of what has been handled:

  • Precision machinery parts (example: BMW towbar)

    Car   industry in China is growing fast

  • Forging and stamped parts supply
  • Plastic injection and the delivery of high quality molds
  • Electric components, like cable trees, lights, fittings
  • Special textiles
  • Replacement parts; bumpers, light covers, windscreen wipers etc

TS 1649

We are familiar with the TS 16949 standard, which described according Carbon fiber parts ISO Technical Specification the requirements of the quality system. We are capable auditing supplier well, and when improvements are necessary, our engineers can assist suppliers of car parts in China